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Poop Like a Winner - Lighten Your Gut

ColonBroom is a safe and effective way to relieve constipation, lose weight and reduce bloating. Take a quiz to see how it can help you.

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“Since taking Colon Broom, I’m more regular, less bloated, and I have fewer cravings for sweets and junk food. Plus, this tastes SO GOOD.”


Gluten Free


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It’s Time To Get S**T Done!

Over 100 million people in the US are suffering from constipation. We’ve already helped for over 500,000 of them. Take action now to improve your life (or just pooping & weight loss) for good.

Heaviness in your gut


Imbalanced gut microbiota

Difficulty in losing weight

Lack of energy

Risk of bloating

Lightness in your gut

Regular bowel movements

Protected intestine

Easy-to-reach weight goals

Amazing mood and energy boost

Improved digestive system

It’s More Than Just A Perfect Pooping Schedule

Thanks to modern breakthroughs in gastrointestinal science we’ve created ColonBroom. A solution for anyone that wants to renew their body and boost its immune responses and metabolic processes.

Body detox

The unique complex of essential ingredients in "ColonBroom" works to improve your body's detoxification processes by cleansing your gut and eliminating accumulated toxins.

Weight loss

The main active ingredient in ColonBroom Psyllium Husk improves gut microbiota, digestive system and cleanses your body.

Improved overall health

Combining "ColonBroom" with a healthy gut diet will improve your overall health, increase your energy levels and may reduce symptoms of bloating.

Psyllium Husk - The essential fiber

It is a type of fiber that absorbs water and becomes a viscous compound that benefits constipation, diarrhea, blood pressure, and weight loss.


We Know For A Fact That S*it Gets Better!

Numbers speak for themselves - almost every customer noticed improved gut and overall health!


of consumers noticed more frequent and regular bowel movement


of consumers recorded weight loss without feeling hunger


of consumers felt lighter after 12 hours of using ColonBroom

Thousands of Happy Clients

Oh yea, they poop it like it’s hot! And they might have 99 problems, but the gut ain’t one.

The best!!!!!

The best!!!!! It’s not harsh on your stomach and that’s what I love.! No bloating and more energy!

Yazmin Torregrossa

Verified Customer

There’s is a light at the end of the dark tunnel we call our colon!

I used to use another fiber powder to help but I always hated how bad the ingredients were. When I found you guys, I was so excited but skeptical as anyone is with new products. However, my quality of life now is so much sweater than before. I could never leave the house without the feeling of having to use the bathroom. I would have to wake 2 hours ahead of leaving just to make sure I could empty as much as possible. Now, I get up, get it all out easily I might add, and I honestly feel like I am empty. No more feeling like I always have to use the bathroom! It has been years and these last 4 months on colon broom have been nothing but fantastic. I have actually left the house quite a bit and no longer am I a victim to the toilet. It has been soooo nice so thank you for this pure, clean and whole product that I can safely take without the fear of ingredients!!!

Darla Marcel

Verified Customer

Seems to be working.

So far so good. I’m about 2 1/2 weeks in and recently started the twice a day recommended dose.
I don’t weigh myself really ever so I don’t have that metric to go off of, but about 2-3 days in and I felt drastically ligther. Noticeable difference in bloat, shirts fit better mid section is much less bloated. Interested to see how I feel after my 2 months supply. And will update. Oh also, I’m allergic to raw berries and I have had zero reactions to this product.

Ryan McCabe

Verified Customer

Great product

Great product. Mixes easy. Drink 1 serving in a 16 oz bottle of water. Tastes great!

Jennifer Evans-Abraham

Verified Customer

This stuff is amazing

This stuff is amazing! I’ve had moderate gut issues for quite some time. I’ve been taking Colon Broom for about 2 weeks now, and already feeling better. Since taking Colon Broom, I’m more regular, less bloated, and I have fewer cravings for sweets and junk food. Plus, this tastes SO GOOD.

Brandy Isom

Verified Customer

4 days..... looking good so far

I’m 32 years old and not a huge fan of medication. For the past couple of months I have been experiencing pretty regular bloating and discomfort. I received my order 3 days ago and started using ColonBroom. By the end of the second day, my stomach was already feeling 100% better and by the morning of the third day my bloating was gone. Just started my fourth day, and let me tell you...... I woke up with more energy and drive to get up and I’m not feeling ANY discomfort in the stomach. Just want to thank you!!!!!


Verified Customer

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