Relieve Constipation, Lose Weight, And Reduce Bloating!

Reduce bloating

Relieve constipation

Strengthen your gut health

Lose excess weight

Feel lighter

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All-in-one gut saver to help you
crush your wellness goals:

Regulated bowel movements (no more urgent runs to the bathroom nor hours spent on the toilet seat)

No more bloating (bye-bye, premature balloon belly)

Solved constipation (poop quickly and smoothly)

Healthy gut diet ebook (perfect food to make your gut happy)

Boosted immunity

Easy-to-reach weight loss goals (the down-slimming process starts from within!)

Amazing mood and crushing energy levels

Improved digestive system (let your intestine be cramp-free!)

Glowing and youthful skin

Natural gut and body detox

Productivity goes UP!

Good combo with your favorite foods and diets

Defeated food cravings (so long, binge-eating!)

A helpful supplement to nourish your gut condition

Oh, did we mention that it tastes amazing?

Strawberry-licious smoothie to pamper your day!

These special components will help you feel lighter after 12-72 hours of using ColonBroom

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Psyllium husk, the essential fiber

It is a type of fiber that is commonly used as a gentle, bulk-forming laxative. Psyllium husk is able to pass through your digestive system without being completely broken down or absorbed. Instead, it absorbs water and becomes a viscous compound that benefits constipation, diarrhea, blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight loss.

Natural strawberry flavoring

Natural flavoring enhance the refreshing strawberry flavor and provides a delicate sweet taste. Every drink will taste like heaven!

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

But does it work?
Results speak for themselves...

Success stories

Alexandra Nicole


Ready to GET POOP DONE in 2021? 💩 LITERALLY? I am and am loving @ColonBroom to reduce bloat and slim the waistline. I just mix a scoop of delicious #ColonBroom powder into 12-14 oz of water and drink away the bloat. ColonBroom is a safe and effective way to relieve constipation, lose weight and cleanse your body. I seriously make one of these tasty fiber cocktails 1 hour before eating, 30 minutes after eating, or just whenever I feel bloated (up to twice per day) and my discomfort is relived almost immediately.

Lauren Jones


Idk about you all, but I feel 10x lighter than I did 2 weeks ago!!! #happychrimuh #happyhollidayz :):) I started drinking this supplement so that my unwanted bloating would go away, especially while eating all the yummy holiday food. 🍗🍱 AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED. If you struggle with gut health, this powder can help you!!!! 🙌🏻

Mckenna Dove


Everyone close to me know I’ve struggled with chronic constipation since I was 15. So when @colon.broom reached out to have me try their product I was SO excited.

I started it 2 weeks ago and it was the best decision I could have made! I’ve lost a few pounds just from being more regular and my bloating has gone way down 🙌🏻

If you struggle with staying regular give them a try!

We know for a fact that sh`*t gets better!

Numbers speak for themselves - almost every customer noticed improved gut and overall health!


of consumers noticed more frequent and regular bowel movement.


of consumers recorded weight loss without feeling hunger.


of consumers felt lighter after 12 hours of using ColonBroom.

Frequently asked questions by our customers

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Can ColonBroom cause bloating?
Why is dietary fiber important?
Can I use ColonBroom while on Intermittent Fasting? Will it break my fast?
Can I use ColonBroom while on the Keto diet?
When I will feel the effects of ColonBroom?

Poop Like a Winner, Lose Weight the Easy Way

ColonBroom is a safe and effective way to relieve constipation, lose weight and cleanse your body.

Brings happiness to the gut of 13,000+ users