Why ColonBroom? Taking care of your gut is slowly becoming everyone’s priority regarding weight loss or leading a healthier lifestyle. While some prefer to get to work with leafy greens, chia seeds, and tons of other gut-friendly foods, others save themselves some meal-planning time by choosing a fiber-rich supplement.
Now, if you prefer the quick and easy way – it’s just as great as stocking up on fiber by getting it from food.
But why should you consider ColonBroom as your go-to fiber supplement among all the other choices on the market? We listed 5 reasons here to answer this question.

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#1: You’re getting so much more than just the supplement

You might not be familiar with the ColonBroom Program yet – and that’s alright. It’s freshly baked.
The fiber supplement comes with a diet guide, workout plan, and app, giving you a full-proof way to take care of your gut and lose weight simultaneously.
More so, if you’re not a fan of reading ebooks and you’ve had enough of them – our meal plans are available on the app now. This will ensure staying in the caloric deficit since every meal comes with a calorie count, having an in-app shopping list for your next trip to the mall, and not having to look up recipes anywhere else anymore.
And did we mention you can personalize your meal plan by ticking off anything you don’t like or have an allergy to?
That’s right – we’ll give you a complete program for the price of just the supplement.

#2: No fillers, artificial flavors, and sweeteners

We’re genuinely sorry for the upcoming slander… But, you might think the famous orange-flavored fiber supplement brings the sweet Fanta flavor thanks to the health-enhancing orange essential oil, juice, or peels.
Nope. If you read the ingredients list, you’ll notice the artificial orange flavor, Yellow 6, and sucrose instead of those mentioned above.
So much for taking care of your gut.
Even though many fiber supplements use psyllium husk as their main ingredient, reading the whole list is essential. While psyllium can do wonders for your gut, the other commonly used components can worsen your health.

How is ColonBroom different?

Regarding sweeteners in ColonBroom, we use stevia – a natural, plant-based sweetener with zero calories. Because it’s free of calories and carbs, it’s a natural sugar alternative for people on low-calorie or low-carb diets.
What about the strawberry flavor and the peculiar pink color of our fiber shake? All thanks to dried and crushed strawberries. No hard-to-read ingredients and wondering about what in the world could “Yellow 6” be.

#3: We know that healthy eating and added sugar don’t match

As previously mentioned, ColonBroom uses stevia as its natural sweetener with no calories.
However, many fiber supplement brands miss the point where you must make a product versatile. That’s where they add sugar and mask it under the chemical name of it – sucrose – to make your fiber shake taste nice and sweet.
Gut health and added sugar are an incompatible, toxic couple. Sugar makes you gain weight, can lead to heart disease, plays havoc with cholesterol levels, and is linked with Alzheimer’s.
Wait, are you still reading the list?
If so, it also makes you addicted to sugar and somehow works its way into your mind, making you reach for a midnight snack, disabling your appetite control, and can make you depressed.
The toxicity list goes on and possibly beats all of your exes. Choose ColonBroom – we don’t use any sugar. We promise to stay your match made in heaven.

#4: We’re compatible with keto, intermittent fasting, and a gluten-free diet

We’re all unique, and so are our diets! Trust us; we did as much as possible to match your dietary needs and preferences.
But did others do the same to you? No, they didn’t.
First, using sugar immediately cancels the possibility of following a keto diet or having a fiber drink while fasting.
Second, ingredients such as fennel seeds, cascara sagrada, or red cayenne pepper, used in multiple popular fiber supplements, can be too harsh for your gastrointestinal health and won’t match as many dietary needs as well.
Save yourself the headache of looking up if every ingredient won’t interfere with your hard-earned results. We can guarantee that ColonBroom won’t break your fast and will complement a gluten-free or keto diet.

#5: We won’t promise you more than we can actually do

We understand that caring for your gut or cleansing might sound abstract. You can’t really see what’s going on inside, leaving some mystery and wondering if anything has changed.
If you’ve scrolled through our page, you must be familiar with how we talk about pooping. We all do it, and so will you. More efficiently, though!
With ColonBroom, you’ll see a noticeable change. Your bowel movements will become more regular, you’ll have an easier time on the throne, and you’ll feel lighter soon after taking it.
In addition, if you follow our program, you will notice a change in your body. We can’t promise you a significant drop if you just take the supplement (don’t get us wrong, though – losing a few pounds is totally possible by just eliminating the waste in your gut).
However, if you’re determined to take care of your gut and lose weight simultaneously, we will provide the tools to do so – a supplement, a diet guide, a workout plan, and an app to stay on track and get some meal inspiration.

Take a 1-minute quiz

And discover ways ColonBroom can help improve your gut health
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So, are you convinced?

We’re confident that ColonBroom can beat the others. We don’t use harsh ingredients, we’re compatible with other diets, we don’t use sugar, and we will give you access to our carefully-curated program.
At the end of the day – if, for whatever reason, ColonBroom won’t work for you, at least you’ll know you didn’t just put chemicals in your body or worsen the situation.
We’re here to help and would happily assist in your gut health journey!
Now, if you’re tempted, click the main page and take the quiz. You’re about to start your adventure toward a better version of yourself.

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