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Why You Should Have More Strawberries in Your Diet

6 min read 2021 Jun 14

Gut health is essential for every single one of us. It can make the difference when suffering from constipation, diabetes, and many other conditions. Here, the saying “You are what you eat” is spot on. Healthy eating doesn’t mean living off of kale or dry-boiled chicken. There are even sweet treats that can do a […]

5 things you should know about the stuff happening in the bathroom 

8 min read 2021 Jun 9

1. What IBS stands for? IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The main symptoms are tummy pain or cramp, bloating, or constipation. IBS affects the colon and there are several reasons for it. Stress and emotion, infections such as gastroenteritis, and certain medications. Ways to treat it? Reduce your stress levels and exercise regularly. 2. […]

TOP 5 Simple Habits That Can Treat Constipation (+BONUS Tip)

8 min read 2021 Jun 1

#1 Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water Per Day This mantra might be overused, but it stays true. Water is the single best thing for your body, and that is especially true if you wish to fight constipation. How come? Let’s start with the basics of digestion. After you eat, the food goes through your digestive […]

How Can I Tell if My Gut Is Unhealthy

8 min read 2021 May 31

Frequently Upset Stomach It is not abnormal to once in a blue moon experience heartburn, bloating, gas, constipation, or even diarrhea. However, if experienced frequently, these can be signs that something is wrong. If your gut is healthy and well balanced, you should have no problem processing and removing waste. Food Intolerances and Food Allergies […]

7 Ways to Beat Bloating

8 min read 2021 May 31

Eat at the Right Times Stop the late-night snacking. Our human bodies follow a “biological clock” where after 7 PM, digestive enzymes maximally decrease. These enzymes are the proteins that are responsible for splitting up large food molecules into their ‘building block’ components. So to ensure smooth digestion, you should plan to eat three small […]

What to Eat and Avoid: Intermittent Fasting Food List

8 min read 2021 May 19

Don’t know what to eat during intermittent fasting? Get the most out of your weight loss journey with the ultimate intermittent fasting food list, backed by science. Eating during intermittent fasting (IF) can be confusing. This is because IF is not a diet plan but an eating pattern. Keeping this in mind, experts at DoFasting […]

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